First Post

Hi folks and welcome to Ossocubo’s devlog! Yay!

You know, we have been thinking for a while about whether or not to open a devlog.
We were all concerned about the actual amount of interesting things to say or the quality of the material to show, but since the development of Blue Volta has become a real thing in the latest weeks, we decided to act bravely enough to open this promising page.

The plan is basically to publish at least a post a week in which me, or the other Ossocubo’s guys, will talk about news concerning the development of our projects and other activities of the team, all without spoilers.

Obviously we will also talk about other topics, as Blue Volta is only our first project… so who knows what the future holds! But there’s no need to rush, so lets enjoy one moment at a time on a peaceful and constant zen flow.

So, please have a seat and make yourself confortable: we hope you’ll enjoy the ride!