Dafne’s house wasn’t built in a day


Blue Volta has changed its face and little by little we are reviewing all the environments to adapt them to the new gaming style. The main difference on a visual level is that we have slightly changed the point of view, making it more similar to a classic platformer: with a character that runs and… Read more »

Habemus composer!

We have a composer for Blue Volta. After a long search for someone who would share our vision on Blue Volta, we can finally say that we found the right musician for the project. So we officially welcome aboard Paolo Giacci, talented composer made in Abruzzo. https://www.paologiacci.com Paolo is working on the score of Blue… Read more »

Game Over Milano 2016

  Last weekend we were guests of Game Over Milano, an underground Italian Indie Developers festival. For the occasion we decided to bring a “beefier” version of Blue Volta‘s demo, and it has been warmly welcomed. We received lots of impressions and suggestions, which will help us improve the game as much as possible.   We would… Read more »

So… what’s the plan?

ossocubo's team at work

Until a couple of months ago, the search for a publisher was not a priority for us. At first, Blue Volta was a project to express our strengths and skills, which we worked on in our spare time. As time has passed, Blue Volta has grown in shape and size, to become a focused full-time… Read more »

First Post

Cloud Fox Blue Volta Wallpaper

Hi folks and welcome to Ossocubo’s devlog! Yay! You know, we have been thinking for a while about whether or not to open a devlog. We were all concerned about the actual amount of interesting things to say or the quality of the material to show, but since the development of Blue Volta has become… Read more »